2015-2016 Winter Alternative Break

Every year in the spring CSU students can apply for this once in a lifetime experience. They commit themselves to a two week service excursion that not only helps a community, but also changes their lives.

The Kenya Alternative Winter break provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in service-learning while immersing students in local culture.  Students will work with numerous organizations: the Umoja village, a local women’s village; Lorubae Primary School (a K-8 school); and the Samburu Youth Education Fund, a US-based non-profit that works to improve educational access for Samburu youth. 

Umoja (pronounced oo-moe-juh; Swahili for "we are one") and Unity Women’s Villages

These two village of 12-15 women each comprise women who left their homes following violence, abuse, early pregnancy or a similar circumstance. The women operate as a co-op, producing beaded necklaces and bracelets primarily for purchase by tourists. Service will be a variety of projects, including coordination of a girls’ conservation club and various village projects.

Lorubae Primary School

Lorubae Primary School is in the community of Archer’s Post in Samburu. It has about 300 students in K-8 grades and is typically under-resourced in terms of teachers, supplies and materials.  Participants’ primary experience will likely include teaching students in core subjects such as English and science, and leading field trips to nearby protected areas.

Samburu Youth Education Fund

SYEF focuses its efforts on improving access to secondary school for Samburu youth.  With tuition and room/board costs for secondary school starting around $500+ annually, it is difficult for youth from impoverished parts of the country to enroll. We will assist SYEF by convening its youth recipients to check in about their school progress, celebrate their successes and gathering stories for SYEF to use in its future fundraising.

The trip will take place December 28, 2015-January 12, 2016. The application process is currently closed. To participate next year, please check back in February 2016.

Trip expenses
Group Expenses (paid to SLICE)
Airfare (estimate as of February 2015)                                                                           $1900 (estimate)
Food & Lodging                                                                                                            $370
Transportation (vehicle rentals, drivers, fuel)                                                                   $310
Local services and facility use fees                                                                                $100
Travel insurance (required by CSU)                                                                                $45
Staffing                                                                                                                        $130
Conservancy / National Reserve entry fees                                                                     $240

 Total                                                                                                                       $ 3.095

Individual Costs (not paid to SLICE; these costs will vary from student to student)
Immunizations                                                                                                          $200-300 (varies)
Entry Visa                                                                                                                 $50
Other meals (en route to and from Nairobi, snacks)                                                       $75 (estimate)
Passport (if you do not have one yet)                                                                           $165
Personal souvenirs, snacks, etc.                                                                                 varies


Payment Schedule
Please pay in cash or check payable to CSU

May 8th
$500 Program Fee Due; checks will not be deposited until July 1, 2015

August 28th
$1400 Program Fee Due

October 16th
Remaining Balance Due. Amount TBD