SLiCE Weekly Update 12/3/10


Students Receive Education Awards for Community Service

Are you planning an unpaid internship, practicum or fieldwork experience at a non-profit or government organization?  Do you do volunteer work on a regular basis?  Are you participating in alternative spring break?  Are you involved in a service learning class?  Then YOU might be eligible for an AmeriCorps education award!
The UCAN Serve AmeriCorps program is a regional effort to engage students in meaningful service with local communities.  UCAN Serve strengthens campus and community partnerships by channeling student service into nonprofit and government agencies serving high need, community priority areas.
For more information on the UCAN Serve AmeriCorps program, visit our website


President’s Leaderhips Program
Applications Available for 2011-12 Academic Year

In a global society where problems and solutions cross disciplines and borders, there is a critical need for effective leaders.  The President's Leadership Program (PLP) develops tomorrow's leaders through a series of academic courses and experiential learning activities that equip students with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to make positive change
PLP is a three year, fourteen credit leadership development experience.  Each year of the program is an independent experience and students can choose to participate in one or more years.  Applications are available today! 
Apply now:
We are also currently accepting nominations for applicants. 
To nominate a current high school student, click here.
To nominate a current CSU student, non-traditional first-year student, or transfer student, click here.


Student Organizations
RamLink Makes Running Your Organization Easy

RamLink is a new way to get involved in registered student organizations online.  RamLink provides tools to completely manage an organization: membership lists, emails, registration, documents and forms, advertising/publicity, and much more!  As with the previous system, you can still browse a list of registered student organizations.
Download the Student Leader User Guide to get started.
Student organizations with upcoming events, meetings, or announcements can submit information or digital flyers to the main RamLink page and the SLiCE Facebook page and we'll help you get the word out!


30-Day Challenge
Make a Change Today

Try on a new lifestyle for 30 days!  It can be anything you want.  Visit our website and take the challenge today.  Why wait?!  If you aren't sure where to begin or need ideas for a challenge, read what others are doing!


The REAL Experience
Upcoming Workshops Nov. 29 – Dec. 6

Presenter: Pamela Sampson, SLiCE
Mon., Dec. 6, 1pm, LSC 211E
To be or not to be...professional that is!  During this workshop, we'll explore ground rules for handshakes, business cards, email/phone communications, and meeting protocol.  We will also discuss the importance of developing professional relationships.  This will be an interactive experience!
Interested in leading a workshop?  Fill out the workshop proposal form and apply to be a presenter for next semester!


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