SLiCE Weekly Update 11/5/10

**Program of the Week**

Campus Step Up: A Social Justice Retreat
Applications Due Nov. 9, SLiCE Office

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Campus Step Up Social Justice retreat at CSU is to provide an opportunity for participants to understand issues of social justice as well as share their own knowledge and skills regarding issues and causes that will inspire positive change.
  • Provide a forum for students, faculty, and staff from all life experiences and perspectives to engage in meaningful dialogue around diversity and social action
  • Provide participants with a unique and in-depth discussion of social justice issues by creating an inclusive environment for all participants, regardless of their previous knowledge, skills, or experiences
  • Provide a safe and inclusive environment for a wide variety of viewpoints relating to race/ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, socioeconomic status, age, education level, and other identities
  • Students will develop a common and shared understanding of social justice as a social movement by defining relevant terms and discussing those definitions with the group
  • Students will develop a common and shared understanding of inclusivity and inclusive language and environments by discussing the impact of thoughts, language, and actions on a personal, interpersonal, group, institutional, systemic and cultural level
  • Students will develop a common and shared understanding of privilege and oppression among target and agent populations by engaging in discussions and activities that address various power dynamics
  • Students will develop a common and shared understanding of ally development by engaging in discussions and activities to help define their role as an ally and how to engage in social change
  • Students will develop a common and shared understanding of practical and realistic means for creating social change by engaging in discussions and activities that provide opportunities to create positive change locally and globally
  • Students will develop a common and shared understanding of how to connect the knowledge and skills gained at the retreat to action that can be taken at CSU and surrounding communities by developing an action plan for creating  change after the retreat

    2010 Campus Step Up participants in front of a mountain view in Estes Park. 
Testimonials from 2010 Participants:
"I came into the retreat with few expectations.  I was blown away. 
I hope to use the knowledge to become a better person in life."
"I really enjoyed the retreat.  I think the facilitators did an awesome job of
creating a safe environment for people to be open and honest about their experiences and opinions."
"I learned so much about myself and others.. I have more respect for the world around me."

President’s Leadership Program
Applications Available TODAY for 2011-12 Academic Year

 In a global society where problems and solutions cross disciplines and borders, there is a critical need for effective leaders.  The President's Leadership Program (PLP) develops tomorrow's leaders through a series of academic courses and experiential learning activities that equip them with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to make positive change.

PLP is a three year, fourteen credit leadership development experience.  Each year of the program is an independent experience and students can choose to participate in one or more years.  Applications are available today! 

Student Organizations
Officer Orientation Nov. 17, 12-2pm LSC 214-216

The first step to a successful student organization is attending an officer orientation!  SLiCE requires two officers to attend, but additional members or advisors are welcome. 

Student organizations with upcoming events, meetings, or announcements can submit information or digital flyers to RamLink and Facebook and we'll help you get the word out!

30-Day Challenge
Make a Change Today

Try on a new lifestyle for 30 days!  It can be anything you want.  Visit our website and take the challenge today.  Why wait?!  If you aren't sure where to begin or need ideas for a challenge, read what others are doing!


The REAL Experience
Upcoming Workshops Nov. 8 – 12

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die...
Presenter: Bobby Kunstman, SLiCE
Mon., Nov. 8, 5pm, LSC 224-226

Why do some ideas thrive while others die?  How will you improve the chances of your idea moving forward with a person or team?  What will you do when you have an idea and you want to get someone on board?  This workshop will examine six key qualities that will help you make your idea stick.  In order to help your idea stick, the qualities we will examine are based on the concepts of simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotional, and stories.
College Career Series: Professional Workplace Etiquette
Presenter: Career Center Staff
Tues., Nov. 9, 12pm, Career Center Classroom
Nurse, I think it's Serious:  Understanding Medicine, Culture, and Environment in Benin
Presenter: Mariah Kincaid, International Connections
Tues., Nov. 9, 12:15pm, LSC 213-215
College Career Series: Creating Executive Presence
Presenter: Career Center Staff
Tues., Nov. 9, 5pm, RW Bohemian Auditorium
College Career Series: What to Expect in the Working World
Presenter: Career Center Staff
Wed., Nov. 10, 12pm, Career Center Classroom
Talking with Your Neighbors: Encouraging Cross-cultural Communication
Presenters: Joseph Kowalczyk, Khouri Markos, and Karolyn Raffaele
Wed., Nov. 10, 2:30, LSC 210
In this workshop, participants will increase their level of awareness about how they communicate and learn skills that will help them communicate with people from cultures different from their own.  The workshop will start with an exploration of what participants already know about communication and move into communication styles.  Using personal experiences from time spent overseas, the presenters will end with a discussion about how cross-cultural communication may be applied in a real-world context.
College Career Series: Handling Personal Finances
Presenter: Career Center Staff
Thurs., Nov. 11, 12pm, Career Center Classroom

Turkey Drive
Donations Accepted Until Nov. 24

The holidays are a time when we particularly remember our neighbors who are going hungry.  Sadly, 60% of those who are at risk of hunger in our country are children and seniors.  You can help!

Donations are now being accepted to support the purchase of turkeys and fixings for the Food Bank for Larimer County.  All checks should be turned in to the SLiCE office by Wed., Nov. 24.  Feel free to specify what you would like your donation to go towards.  Here are a few ideas:
  • Full Thanksgiving dinner for a family of five: $50
  • Turkey: $15.25
  • Stuffing: $3.50
  • Potatoes: $6.00/10 lbs
  • Sweet potatoes: $1.50/lb
  • Green beans: $3.00
  • Rolls: $2.50/12 oz. pkg
  • Pumpkin pie: $6.00

Meningococcal Vaccine Clinic
Registration Now Available for Free Vaccines

Visit to register for a free vaccine!  CSU students or employees under the age of 30, as well as roommates or family members of this group, who have either never been vaccinated or were vaccinated more than three years ago are encouraged to get the vaccine.


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