SLiCE Weekly Update 10/22/10


Alternative Breaks - Applicant Interviews
Oct. 21 - Nov. 3, SLiCE Office
 The Alternative Break program is an immersion experience into different cultural, environmental and socioeconomic communities across the nation.  Students provide service in exchange for education about current social and cultural issues facing the host communities. 

Visit our blog to hear others' experiences!  Applications were due last week and interviews are being held until Nov. 2.  Participants will be notified by Nov. 3. 

Student Organizations - Upcoming Officer Orientations
Nov. 2, 4-6pm, LSC 214-216
Nov. 17, 12-2pm, LSC 214-216
The first step to a successful student organization is attending an officer orientation!  SLiCE requires two officers to attend an officer orientation session (this does not apply to Sport Clubs who have their own Campus Recreation Center orientation).  Additional officers, members, and advisors are welcome and encouraged to attend!
Campus Step-Up: A Social Justice Retreat -  
Applications Available
Due Tues., Nov. 9, SLiCE Office or Email
Campus Step-Up is an opportunity for students to expand their awareness on issues of diversity and cross-cultural communication.  The retreat enables participants to spend time in a safe environment focusing on self-reflection, education, and personal growth regarding their perceptions of social justice, multicultural and global issues.  Campus Step-Up's ultimate goal is to give students the skills to act on the issues and causes they are most passionate about.  Download an application online today!

The REAL Experience - Upcoming Workshops
Turn Your Semester Around: Academic Recovery Workshop
Presenter: Heather Landers, TILT

Midterms not go as well as you planned?  Worried about bringing up your grades for the semester?  Let's talk about how you can change up your study strategies to do better in your classes for the rest of the semester.  We'll also talk about tracking your grades and figuring out your potential GPA.
      Mon., Oct. 25, 7pm, TILT 105
      Tues., Oct. 26, 2pm, TILT 105
      Wed., Oct. 27, 4pm, TILT 105
Practicing Democracy in Brazilian Schools: Voices of Brazilian Teachers
Presenter: Louise Jennings, International Connections
      Tues., Oct. 26, 12:15pm, LSC 213-215
Presenter: Career Center Staff

Employers expect job seekers to create targeted resumes and cover letters for each position they apply to.  In this workshop we will discuss two critical marketing tools for a job search: your resume and cover letter.  The workshop discusses the basics including valuable information from an employer's perspective, do's and don't's for writing and format, methods to customize resumes for specific opportunities, and effective techniques to showcase your skills and stand out from others.
      Wed., Oct. 27, 12pm, Career Center Classroom
      Thurs., Oct. 28, 12:30pm, Career Center Classroom

Getting the Most Out of Your Service: Aligning Intention and Impact
Presenter: Jen Johnson, SLiCE

How do you get the most out of your service?  At what level are you making a contribution?  What are the root causes of community issues and how can student volunteers make the biggest difference?  Join us at this session for practical ideas for how to change the world and "get the most bang for your buck" while performing volunteer service.  Participants will come away with a comprehensive definition of service and its many forms.  Come prepared to discuss your own ideas and learn from others as this session will be highly interactive!
      Wed., Oct. 27, 5pm, LSC 211E

Spirituality and Leadership
Presenter: Alexis Kanda-Olmstead, SLiCE

"Leadership is a service relationship with others that inspires their growth and makes the world a better place." - Lance Secretan

Inspiration involves accessing our own spirit and the spirit of others and it is an essential part of the leadership process. This workshop will explore why inspiration is so important, ways to incorporate inspiration into our work as leaders, and how to stay inspired ourselves.  Students will learn how to inspire and motivate team members, create a personal vision, and how to incorporate leadership theory (pre- and post-industrial).
      Thurs., Oct. 28, 12:30pm, LSC 210

Try on a new lifestyle for 30 days!  It can be anything you want.  Visit our website and start the challenge today.  Need ideas?  Don't know where to start?  Read what others are doing on our 30-Days Blog.


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