REAL: Rams Engaging in Active Leadership

Real ExpriencePurpose

Colorado State University is committed to developing excellent and effective leaders that will have an impact on our society.  The Rams Engaging in Active Leadership (REAL) Experience is designed to fulfill CSU’s commitment to our student body.  The REAL Experience inspires participants to advance their own knowledge with regard to becoming socially conscious leaders and productive thinkers. In addition, this co-curricular certificate program will prepare and develop participants to be more engaged in their community.

  • The REAL Experience is tailored to meet the interests, needs, and goals of each participant. This experience is comprised of various workshops within six different interest areas that, upon completion individually and collectively, result in a co-curricular certificate. 
  • REAL provides all interested CSU students with an accessible opportunity to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes an understanding of self, groups, and their community.
  • REAL offers various opportunities for students to reflect upon and develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills related to ethical leadership development and practices.
Basic Logistics
REAL provides students the opportunity to attend drop-in leadership workshops at their convenience.  Students can participate by earning certificates in every interest area or attend a single workshop.
The SLiCE office partners with other departments across the CSU campus to offer a variety of workshops every semester. Each of these workshops are associated with a specific each interest area and co-curricular certificate available within the REAL Experience. Every semester, these workshops vary to offer participants a multitude of options throughout their involvement with the REAL Experience and their time at CSU.  To fulfill the certificate requirements, participants must also complete documented volunteer experience and reflections that are designed to complement the workshops.


Participants can complete up to four levels of various certificates.

  • Personal Foundations of Leadership - The Personal Foundations of Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate focuses on understanding basic leadership definitions, ideas, and theories. This co-curricular certificate focuses on personal growth by addressing ethics and personal values, and serves as an introduction to leadership.
  • Organizational Leadership - The Organizational Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate will guide individuals in learning how to effectively apply their leadership philosophies, skills and proficiencies towards organizational, group, and team development.  Through this co-curricular certificate, participants will learn how their individual role impacts the organization. 
  • Social Justice Leadership - The Social Justice Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate is an opportunity to critically examine various issues and ‘isms’ that relate to living in a multicultural and diverse community.  The ultimate goal is to give students the skills to act on the issues and causes they are most passionate about as agents of social change.
  • Capstone: A REAL CSU Student Leader - The REAL CSU Student Leader Co-Curricular Certificate recognizes those student leaders at CSU who have demonstrated excellence as leaders and a commitment to themselves and our community as a whole. Students who complete this certificate have a clear understanding of who they are and how they may impact our community, and they have taken an active role in engaging our community through volunteer hours, leadership roles, and retreat participation.
  • Coming next semester: Co-curricular certificates in Community Engagement, Global Leadership, and more!

Additionally, participants must complete documented volunteer experience and a reflection session in addition to workshop attendance to fulfill the requirements to earn a certificate.

For more information on workshop schedule & description, forms, and other documents, click here.



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