Try on a New Lifestyle for 30 Days

Have you ever been curious about a new way of living? Have you wanted to make a change in your life but you didn’t know where to start? For example, are you an environmentalist who is curious about what life might be like without a car? A philosopher who has always wanted to read the Bible but never gotten around to it?
Challenge yourself to do it now!

You are invited to identify a lifestyle change that you would like to make for 30 days. It can be anything! Use your imagination! A few ideas are below. After choosing your “30 day challenge,” log on to where you can read other people’s 30 day blogs, and even write about your own 30 day experiment. Whether it becomes a permanent lifestyle change or not is up to you. The purpose of 30 days is to have fun, learn more about yourself, and to promote community between people motivated to engage in personal change.

Below are a few ideas of “30 day challenges:”

  • 30 days as a vegan
  • 30 days no television
  • 30 days of exercise (or 10,000 steps a day for 30 days)
  • Try one new thing every day for 30 days
  • 30 days of meditation/mindfulness
  • Buy nothing new for 30 days

Check out the below Ted Talk for inspiration!

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